A Rose In Winter

Palm Beach County Premiere

Thursday, March 21, 6:30 PM – Cinemark Palace 20
Sponsors: Edith Stein, Wendy & Jeffrey Bee, Nina & Martin Rosenzweig

Tuesday, March 26, 7:00 PM – Levis JCC Sandler Center
Sponsor: Edith Stein

Historical Drama | UK (2018) | 142 minutes | English



A Rose In Winter recounts the extraordinary life of Edith Stein. Born Jewish, she demonstrated uncompromising courage as an outspoken advocate for equity in the Woman's Right Movement at the onset of National Socialism in Germany, and though her actions, as a Carmelite Nun, challenging the very foundation of the Holy See to stand up against the Holocaust: a path which would lead to her martyrdom in Auschwitz.

DIRECTOR: Joshua Sinclair

STARRING: Zana Marjanovic, Christian Cooke, Ken Duken

AWARDS: Cineways Filmfestival Braunschweig 2018 Winner - Feature Film, Jerusalem Film Festival 2018 - Nominated - Achievement Award