Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People

Florida Premiere

Wednesday, March 20, 3:15 PM – Cinemark Palace 20
Sponsors: Marisa & Matthew Baker

Documentary | USA (2018) | 84 minutes | English



Pulitzer is an American icon who spoke of “fake news” over one hundred years ago. He fought the dangers that the suppression of news had for a democracy long before our present threats to press freedom. While he is remembered for the prizes that bear his name, his own heroic battles in the face of grave illness and Presidential ire have been forgotten as has the artistry and game changing originality he brought to newspapers. How did Joseph Pulitzer, once a penniless young Jewish immigrant from Hungary, come to challenge a popular president and fight for freedom of the press as essential to our democracy?

DIRECTOR: Oren Rudavsky

STARRING: Liev Schreiber, Adam Driver, Lauren Ambrose, Hugh Dancy