Holy Silence

Palm Beach County Premiere

Documentary | USA (2020) | 72 minutes | English

Holy Silence

Holy Silence
Thursday, March 12, 3:30 pm at Cinemark Palace 20, Boca Raton
Sponsors: Arleen Lehman
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As World War II looms on the horizon, Pope Pius XI calls on a humble American priest to help him challenge the evils of Nazism and antisemitism. But death intervenes, and a new pope, Pius XII, carries out a very different response to Hitler and the Holocaust. Holy Silence tells the dramatic story of the Vatican's actions – and inactions – during World War II and the years leading up to it. Featuring Oscar-nominated actor David Strathairn as the voice of President Franklin Roosevelt, the film focuses on the little known story of Americans – from priests to presidents – who worked behind the scenes in hopes of persuading the Holy See to be a strong moral voice against Hitler and fascism.

DIRECTOR: Steven Pressman | STARRING: Suzanne Brown-Fleming, Peter Eisner, Charles Gallagher, Norbert Hofmann