I’ll Find You

Florida Premiere

Drama, Music, Romance | USA, Poland (2019) | 116 minutes | English

I'll Find You Poster

I’ll Find You
Sunday, March 8, 7:00 pm at Cinemark Palace 20, Boca Raton
Speakers: Martha Coolidge, Bozena Intrator

Sponsors: Billi & Bernie Marcus, Sherri Samuels
Monday, March 16, 7:00 pm at Beifield Auditorium, Levis JCC Sandler Center, Boca Raton
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I’ll Find You is an uncommon love story; its romantic heartbeat is sustained by the love of music that draws its characters together. It’s 1939. Two young lovers, Robert, a Catholic opera singer and Rachel, a Jewish violin virtuoso, dream of one day performing together at legendary Carnegie Hall. When they’re torn apart by the German invasion of Poland, Robert vows to find Rachel, no matter what the war may bring. His search leads him on a life-threatening journey through the heart of Nazi Germany, to a reckoning that Rachel may be lost to him forever.

DIRECTOR: Martha Coolidge | STARRING: Adelaide Clemens, Leo Suter, Ursula Parker, Sebastian Croft, Stephen Dorff, with Connie Nielsen and Stellan Skarsgård | WRITERS: David S. Ward and Bozena Intrator


Martha Coolidge, Director - An award winning American film director and formerly the first woman President of the Directors Guild of America. She has directed such films as Real Genius and Rambling Rose.

Bozena Intrator, Writer and Producer. Polish-American writer, lyricist and translator.

Fred Roos, Producer- Award winning film Producer known for The Godather: Part II and Apocalypse Now.

Ursula Parker, Actress - An accomplished actress and a prodigious violinist, she plays Young Rachel in this film.

Leo Suter – Lead Actor - Leo can currently be seen as the series regular role of James Stringer in Andrew Davies' SANDITON (ITV/Masterpiece PBS) opposite Theo James and Rose Williams.