Shababniks (The New Black)

Southeast US Premiere

Comedy, Drama | Israel (2018) | 95 minutes | Hebrew with English Subtitles

Shababaniks Poster_

Shabaniks (The New Black)
Wednesday, March 18, 1:00 pm at Cinemark Palace 20, Boca Raton
Sponsors: Barbara & Steve Forman, Karen & Ethan Lazar
Sunday, March 22, 1:15 pm at Movies of Delray
Sponsors: Marisa & Matthew Baker
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The show features a group of four Haredi students who study at a yeshiva in Jerusalem. One of them, Gedalya, is on the straight and narrow, while the other three prefer their Talmud study with a side of hanging out in the park, shopping at the mall and general goofing off. Shababniks is a Hebrew slang word for a Haredi youth who is off the path – but not entirely. There are no tortured heroes or heartbreaking scenes in Shababniks. What you will find is fun, and a lot of it!

DIRECTOR: Eliran Malka | STARRING: Ori Leizerovitz, Israel Atias, Daniel Gad, Omer Periman | AWARDS: Winner – Awards of the Israeli Television Academy 2017 – Best Comedy, Script and Actor