The Automat

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Documentary | US (2019) | 79 minutes | English

The Automat

The Automat
Sunday, March 29, Zinman Hall
12:30 pm Lunch Party
1:00 pm Free Film Screening of The Automat
Guest Speaker: Lisa Hurwitz, Director
Sponsors: Wendy Honig & Les Rich, Bernice & Edward Wenger
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Americans once sipped coffee and ate pie around communal tables, sharing their struggles and dreams with strangers at Horn & Hardart’s iconic Automat. Lifetimes ago, these working class palaces nourished a sense of unity that bridged the diversity of class, language, gender and race in the urban melting pots of the East Coast. Travel back in time to experience this unique piece of America's history, an exciting story and one that may seem strangely familiar. More than just entertainment, The Automat is a parable of how we once dined happily together before turning to the isolated and unhappy experience offered by fast food, a bad deal that no amount of advertising can disguise.

DIRECTOR: Lisa Hurwitz | STARRING: Mel Brooks, Elliott Gould, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Colin Powell, Carl Reiner, Bruce Vilanch, Ed Rendell, Wilson Goode, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Howard Schultz.


Lisa Hurwitz, Director, Producer - Directed the 2012 and2013 Olympia Film Festivals and was Executive Administrator at Bumbershoot 2014: Seattle’s Music & Arts Festival