The Festival Continues

Year-Round Film Festival Events – 2017/2018

Join us for screenings and previews of select BRJFF films, before and after the festival and all season long.

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The Body Collector

Wednesday, May 23
Thursday, May 24 • 10:30 am at The Movies of Delray

With special guest Hans Knoop, journalist and author.

Investigative journalist Hans Knoop becomes personally involved in the hunt for Pieter Menten, an untouchable ex-Nazi and war criminal. Based on the true story and Knoop’s novel, this screening features a special appearance by Hans Knoop.


Wednesday, June 6

A middle-aged, well-off bachelor, learns he has lost a son he didn’t know existed, and begins a journey of exploration as he travels to his son’s gravesite. Desperate to learn more, he discovers fatherly love and devotion and deals with his own troubled childhood.


Wednesday, July 11

Hania, a Jewish orphan, is hidden during the Holocaust by a Polish couple. Many years after the war she returns to Poland from Israel to find the family that saved her life and asks them to accept the honor awarded by Yad Vashem, the title “Righteous Among the Nations”. This story was inspired by the true events experienced by film director Michal Szczerbic’s family and friends.

Missed seeing something intriguing during Festival week? Join us throughout the year for screenings of select BRJFF films.

WEDNESDAYS, 1:00 PM at the Sandler Center

  • June 6 – Longing
  • July 11 – Righteous

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