Past Life


Drama Feature | Israel, Poland (2016) | 110 minutes

SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 7:30 PM (Hebrew, German, Polish with English Subtitles)

Palm Beach County Premiere



In this fascinating film from one of Israel’s most acclaimed directors, Past Life tracks the daring late 1970’s odyssey of two sisters – an introverted classical musical composer and a fiery tabloid journalist – as they unravel a shocking wartime mystery that has cast a dark shadow on their entire lives. Inspired by a true story, this film follows the two sisters as they delve into the mystery of their father’s former life in Poland during WWII and learn that their exploration into the past requires painful sacrifices.


2016 Camerimage - Nominated Main Competition; Haifa International Film Festival; Toronto International Film Festival

Sponsors: Dana Egert, Arleen & Allan Roberts, Arlene & Boris Yufe, Diane Troderman, Joan & Barry N. Winograd