A middle-aged, well-off bachelor, learns he has lost a son he didn’t know existed, and begins a journey of exploration as he travels to his son’s gravesite. Desperate to learn more, he discovers fatherly love and devotion and deals with his own troubled childhood.


Hania, a Jewish orphan, is hidden during the Holocaust by a Polish couple. Many years after the war she returns to Poland from Israel to find the family that saved her life and asks them to accept the honor awarded by Yad Vashem, the title “Righteous Among the Nations”.

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Festival 2019

The Judy Levis Markhoff Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival will begin with an Opening Night event on March 7 and run March 10 - March 31, 2019. Our screening committee is hard at work selecting another outstanding collection of feature, documentary and short films, speakers, and special events. Please check back for information, trailers, and tickets.