A Call to Spy

Film, November 5*

In the beginning of WWII, Vera Atkins, Spymistress of Churchill's new spy agency, recruits Virginia Hall, an ambitious American, and Noor Inayat Khan, a Muslim pacifist who help undermine the Nazi regime in France. Inspired by true stories.

*This film is not included in the festival pass. Click here to view film.

Free Q & A, November 5

A discussion with actress, producer, and writer Sarah Megan Thomas. She wrote A Call to Spy's original screenplay, plays Virginia Hall, and produced the film.


Film, November 10
Three 17-year-old girls navigate the daily indignities of high school using razor-sharp wit . They embark on an impulsive adventure that ultimately becomes a journey of self-discovery, shaping them into adults.


FREE Q & A, November 12
Join speaker Jeanette Jennings, the mother of transgender activist Jazz Jennings. Currently, she and her family are the subjects of TLC’s GLAAD Award winning docu-series, “I am Jazz.”

Man on the Bus

Film, November 17

One woman’s journey through a series of shocking revelations about her family history. A bombshell blows apart Eve’s image of her mother, Martha, a Polish survivor of the Holocaust.


FREE Q & A with Filmmakers, November 19
Eve Ash is a psychologist, motivational speaker, filmmaker, author and entrepreneur. Shaun Miller has worked on a vast number of films, television series, ,nimations, and new media projects.